Career coaching

Career coaching can help you to:

  • decide what you really want to do
  • change direction, career or just your job
  • move upwards or sideways
  • or even find a way of staying where you are.

We can talk things through, explore the situation and work out what you want and how you’ll get it. I offer face to face sessions here in Otley, west Yorkshire or phone sessions. Call or text me on 07910 974986 or email me at: [email protected] to book a free first session.

I can also help you with specific topics such as:

  • writing a CV
  • preparing for an interview
  • interview skills
  • preparing and delivering a presentation.

If you have an outcome in mind, that’s great. More commonly, my clients don’t know what to do and can’t see the wood for the trees. We start with a muddle – and that’s fine too.

The first step is to look closely at what’s happening now. Once we’ve done that we can isolate and untangle the knots, one by one, and clarify the issues. I don’t guarantee a quick fix, though it does happen. It usually takes time to get to the heart of the matter, work through the options, arrive at a goal and formulate plans to help you take steps, one at time.

I offer a free first session (click on the link in the left hand column to find out more), followed by either face to face coaching or phone coaching at £50 per one hour session.

Contact me to arrange a free session on 07910 974986 or email [email protected]

Eight or more hours a day of dread, grind and no motivation is toxic

For some people, work is a means to an end: you have to earn money to do, be or get what you want. For the rest of us it’s more complicated. Work is part of who we are, and sometimes it defines us. Most people spend more time working than doing anything else. Which is why, when it becomes literally dread-full or so boring that you have to force yourself to go to work each morning, your whole life is affected. Keep going and you risk burnout!

What to do?

You can tough it out and hope that it gets better (which it may do) or take action. That sounds simple. The problem is that you have to overcome one or more of the obstacles that may stand in your way. For example:

  • You’re weary

It takes energy to change and to take the first step. Your energy will already be depleted as it takes so much more effort just to keep doing the job, day after day. Fatigue, general stress and poor sleep patterns lead to negativity, seriously affecting your judgement.

  • You’re miserable

The longer the situation continues, the more trapped you feel. You lose your sense of proportion, so you believe that there isn’t a solution. If you can’t see a way out, you feel that there’s no point in looking for it. It feels like too much effort, and the whole process looms like a mountain ahead of you. So you stay where you are – until it builds up all over again.

  • You’re losing confidence

It’s a vicious circle: you don’t enjoy your work, so you don’t perform well. When you don’t perform well over a period of time, you start to feel that you can’t. Then you don’t. You may not even know it’s happening, but it erodes your confidence in yourself and your ability.

I can help you to understand how these factors are affecting you and gain perspective so that you can focus on what you actually want.

Contact me to to arrange a free session on 07910 974986 or email [email protected]

Redundancy and retirement

Work is familiar. Enjoy it or not, when it stops, you’re face to face with yourself and your future.

Even if you’ve been planning what you will do when your redundancy or retirement is final, making the transition is not always as easy as you think. If it comes as a shock, it’s even more difficult. It’s not just about identifying a goal, formulating a plan and putting it into action. It’s also about dealing with the emotional fallout that stops you from moving on. It’s hard dealing with it on your own.

Contact me to arrange a free session on 07910 974986 or email [email protected]