Career Development Coaching

I’m a qualified and experienced coach with a Diploma in Advanced Executive Coaching. I have practised as a professional coach since 2003. I’m a member of the EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council).

In our career development coaching sessions I will help you to make the most of yourself and your role and grow your own coping strategies. I also offer skills coaching, although in reality I use a variety of approaches, depending on you and your situation. See My Approach to Coaching to find out more.

The coaching sessions will:

  • allow you develop your professional capability at your own pace
  • develop awareness of yourself, other people and your environment
  • examine and explore situations as they arise
  • provide you with time and space for reflection
  • give you constructive feedback on yourself and your actions
  • support as you work towards a desired outcome
  • provide a sounding board for ideas
  • challenge you, if and when appropriate
  • give you access to another point of view.

Beyond and between the sessions, coaching will motivate you, stimulate your thinking and keep the momentum going.

Career Development or Business Coaching can help you to:

  • stay motivated
  • keep focused
  • sound out ideas
  • look ahead and set vision and strategy
  • regularly review and adjust your direction
  • manage your staff more effectively
  • understand and manage political situations
  • think through work-related issues
  • make considered decisions
  • balance one kind of work with another – and with the rest of your life
  • manage relationships at work, at home or both.

Private/individual Career Development Coaching

I offer a free first session (click on the link in the left hand column to find out more), followed by either face to face coaching or phone coaching at £50 per one hour session.

Contact me to arrange a free session on 07910 974986 or email [email protected]

Coaching for organisational clients

Contact me on 07910 974986  or email [email protected] to discuss your requirements.

Career Development and Business Coaching for sole traders and small business leaders

The first good reason for hiring a coach

You can feel isolated, working on your own or heading up your own business, even if you’re constantly in contact with clients and associates – and more so if you aren’t. You set your career or business direction, make decisions, balance your life with your work and deal with day to day issues on your own. One by one, these issues don’t normally pose a problem, but as they build up you can feel overwhelmed and isolated – and if there’s no-one to talk them over with, it’s easy to lose perspective.

The second good reason for hiring a coach

…is to help you keep your business on track and align the business’s work to your goal. Your overall purpose and direction can get lost in the busy-ness of the day to day or in the scary times when business is slow. Coaching can help you to set goals and objectives for your work and develop a strategy – however loose – to keep you focused when things are busy. It can also help you keep your nerve and make the most of your slower times.

The third good reason for hiring a coach

…is to help you develop your political or people management skills – with clients, employees or in other relationships.

– and it’s tax deductible!

Contact me to arrange a free session on 07910 974986 or email [email protected]