Insight, aha, lightbulb moments – and beyond

As a coach, I look for ‘aha’ moments, lightbulb moments – whatever you want to call them. That moment of insight marks a shift in attitude or viewpoint for a client. Some insights keep shining and become pivotal and significant because they happen at just the right time, in the right place. Then, it will mark a turning point. ┬áIf it’s not perfectly timed, it shines for a moment, an hour or two or even a week or two, then it dissipates. And there’s the point – an flash of insight needs to be encouraged, built on and reinforced otherwise it may have no effect and runs into the sand. A good coach not only spots the insight but also nurtures it, helping the client to see it’s full significance and how it connects with other areas of life, and then helps to make it concrete by following it up with action.

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