Melanie Allen Life Coaching and Career Development

I offer phone, video or face to face sessions in Otley, West Yorkshire. Text me on 07910 974986 or email me at and I’ll get back to you.

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Coaching can help you move forward in your life or career and find a way out, over, through or round the blocks and obstacles that stand in your way.

I offer:

  • Life coaching: helping you to get through confusion, choices and decisions, ‘stuck’ phases, problems and muddles. I can also help you to ‘grow your own’ coping strategies for the future. Click the link in the left hand column to access the Life Coaching  page.
  • Career change coaching: helping you to change career, find new horizons, change jobs or deal with redundancy. Click on Career Coaching in the left-hand column to access the page.
  • Career development coaching: helping you to develop your career and keep it on track or develop your role, your skills and capabilities or your work / life balance. Click on Career Development Coaching in the left-hand column.
  • Professional and executive coaching: helping you to grow and develop your people and ‘political’ skills, trust your intuition, develop your professional presence and improve your communication skills. Click on Professional and Executive Coaching in the left-hand column.

I offer a free, no-obligation session to start with, face to face sessions her in Otley, phone or video sessions at £50 for one hour.

How coaching can help you

No matter how capable and successful you are, you probably feel – like most people – that from time to time you need some encouragement and support to help motivate you and find a new direction.

Coaching, whether it’s life coaching, career change coaching, career development coaching or executive coaching, is a series of conversations. They are different from ordinary conversations in several ways:

  • they are completely confidential
  • they have direction and purpose
  • there are two active participants (you and me) but only one agenda – yours
  • I’m on your side, but impartial (and trained to be). I don’t judge you and don’t have a set opinion on what you should or shouldn’t do
  • I take you seriously and pay attention to who you are and what you tell me.

I’m a catalyst and a partner. We work together towards an outcome:

  • you bring your issues and your desire to move forward, grow and develop
  • I bring my curiosity, my expertise and experience and my ability to pick up on what you’re saying – and what you’re not saying.

Another point of view

I can help you shine a light on what’s happening, bringing a new perspective to your situation. I supply another point of view, the ‘missing voice’ in your conversations with yourself. That ‘missing voice’ or perspective could be an awareness and recognition of something you can’t see in yourself or a point of view that you haven’t considered.

You might need encouragement and support, motivation and direction. You might also need challenge or a reality check. It’s not all warm and cosy in a coaching conversation…

One size fits no-one

No two people are the same, and no two situations are the same, so I don’t have just one way of coaching. You’re unique; a complex blend of many elements common to us all. I don’t pretend to know what it feels like to be you, which is why I listen carefully to what you tell me and pay attention to what I sense and feel about you as we talk. You’re an adult who can sort yourself out, but who may need a little help along the way.

Is coaching right for you?

Contact me by email: or text 07910 974986 to arrange a free first session. We’ll spend time discussing your situation and whether coaching will help.